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Hey guys
As many of you know, Christine (Willner) is traveling to Kenya and the Democratic Republic of the Congo this summer to volunteer with women & children's programs there. To offset some costs she is holding a smoker tomorrow:

Time & Date: Monday April 10, 10pm
Location: Smijie's
Cost: $5 at the door ($3 goes to Christine)

Drinks are only $2.75 (so worth the cover), shooters $2, there will be a DJ & dancing, and the pool tables are still there (but will be gone soon!). It would be really great to get as many people as possible out there to support please come! And bring friends!
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Hey y'all...just posting here cause I can...
Martha Hall Findlay, best known perhaps for graciously stepping aside so Belinda Stronach could run in her riding of Newmarket-Aurora post-floor crossing, has officially decided to take a stab at the leadership of the Liberal party. I seriously don't know anything else about her. But she's coming to Queen's tomorrow, so if anyone's interested, it's JDUC rm 352 at noon for some "bonding" with students that these campaigners like to set up. In any case, we'd like to make a good showing, and there will be free pizza! So if anyone's free at noon come by for that at least cause they always get too much. Seriously. Last time there were 8 full pizzas left over. I got to take a bunch home. mmm...

more info:

ALSO: for anyone who said they were interested in going to the STAR Wine Etiquette session March 15 (last one this year!), please let me know asap. I think we've taken off the online registration but I can still get you in, so let me know.
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Who loves Bill Graham? I do!

And I bet a few of you do, too! Well you're in luck then, because QULA is hosting a social this Friday at the Grad Club with everyone's favourite Minister of Defense! It's gonna be wicked bad. Here are the details:

WHAT: A social: lively political discussion featuring the Hon. Bill Graham, MP, Minister of Defense
WHEN: Friday Nov. 4, 1:30-4pm
WHERE: Grad Club, corner of Union & Barrie
COST: Free

I mean personally I liked him better as Minister of Foreign Affairs, but I guess I'll still go.
Contact the Queen's University Liberal Association ( or reply here for more details! Hope to see you there!

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p.s. actually this isn't an option, if you're free you have to come. <3
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Looking for a couple of good students...with work study

Hey guys! So I work at the Office of Advancement (i.e. Alumni Affairs) here at Queen's. I've been asked to spread the word about a couple of job opportunities available here. It's kind of hard to describe the work exactly...basically it's office work, we deal with processing gifts from alumni and alumni relations stuff and anything that would fit in there. The hours are really flexible - anytime between 7:30am - 5pm sort of thing. It's a great place to work, the people here are AWESOME, we like to have treat days and basically eat all the time. If you're interested or want more info comment here or email me, 3bmr at qlink.

Preferably looking for students who have a work study bursary, but if you're really interested send your resume along anyway!

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don't make fun of me k

Hey guys - for anyone interested in watching the election results unfold (and I know you all are!), I just thought I'd let you know about an event that will be taking place Tuesday night

What: Watching the US election results on big screen TV!

Where: Clark Hall Pub

When: Tuesday, Nov. 2 (at...night?)

Details: Event is ALL AGES and NO COVER. So why not come? We may also hold a competition to guess the time results will be announced and then you could win MONEY. Wow.

Come cheer on your favourite contender! Okay so I know it sounds nerdy, but I promise it'll be fun. And when the results are announced, you can easily commiserate/celebrate with a couple of handy pints!

Event hosted by the Queen's University Liberal Association

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